This course is for the budding YouTube Creator who wants to set up their own YouTube account to share videos that they have created. Here we cover topics from how to set up their own account with security settings, learn how to use professional editing software, right through to planning, shooting and editing their own videos.  If they have a passion for making films to share with others then this is the course for them.

Our online course is designed for your child to work in the comfort of your own home and is made up of video tutorials, detailed instructions and challenges. These courses are designed with childrens learning in mind to grab your child’s attention while keeping them engaged.

Sit with them and work through the course at their own speed or have them connect with one of our live chat feeds to get individual (1 on 1) assistance from our experienced teachers. We have a multitude the format to suit your child’s preferred style of learning.

Introducing YouTube channels, here we go through the basics of setting up a YouTube channel, making it secure, learning about copyright and staying safe online. Here they will learn the basics of  planning their own videos, shooting the footage and editing the final product to be shared on their very own channel through fun and easy to learn tasks. Let’s have them learning new skills and making videos rather than simply watching other peoples.

  • Move at their own pace

    Work through the course at their own speed or join one of our teacher led sessions with scheduled live feeds.

  • Clear step-by-step instructions

    We use a mix of video tutorials, detailed instructions, downloadable worksheets and challenge tasks to teach the concepts covered.

  • Live Online Chat

    Work with our experienced teachers with our live online chat support throughout the course to help understand concepts and answer questions.

  • Money back guarantee

    Not sure if your child will love the course? Simply let us know within 14 days for a full refund.

  • Designed for children's learning

    All tasks and challenges are designed by teachers with the best ways to engage children's learning and maximise retention.

  • Give your child the gift of knowledge

    Have your child excel beyond their years and work at the level based on their ability and not their age.

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Lesson 0 - Setting Up & Getting Ready

    • Lesson 0-1 Downloading & Installing Gimp

    • Lesson 0-2: Downloading & Installing OBS Studio

    • Lesson 0-3 Downloading & Installing Hitfilm Express

    • Lesson 0 - Class Notes

  • 2

    Lesson 1 - Introduction

    • Lesson 1-1 Gimp Overview

    • Lesson 1-2 Paint Brush Tool

    • Lesson 1-3: Layers

    • Lesson 1-4 Fill, Gradients & Selection tools

    • Lesson 1-5 You're an Artist Challenge

    • Lesson 1-6 Saving & Exporting

    • Lesson 1: Class Notes

  • 3

    Lesson 2 - Images

    • Lesson 2-1 Getting Copyright Free Images

    • Lesson 2-2 Image Transform Tools

    • Lesson 2-3 Erase, Select & Filter Tools

    • Lesson 2-4 Image Manipulation Challenge

    • Lesson 2: Class Notes

  • 4

    Lesson 3 - Thumbnails

    • Lesson 3-1 Adding Text in Gimp

    • Lesson 3-2 Thumbnail Study

    • Lesson 3-3 Thumbnail Challenge

    • Lesson 3: Class Notes

  • 5

    Lesson 4 - YouTube Branding

    • Lesson 4-1 YouTube Branding

    • Lesson 4-2 Profile Image

    • Lesson 4-3 Banner

    • Lesson 4-4 Water Mark

    • Lesson 4-5 Video End Screen

    • Lesson 4: Class Notes

  • 6

    Lesson 5 - Recording with OBS

    • Lesson 5-1 OBS Basics

    • Lesson 5-2 More Captures

    • Lesson 5-3 H.I.C.C Video Structure

    • Lesson 5-4 Renaming & Remixing

    • Lesson 5: Class Notes

  • 7

    Lesson 6 - Editing Basics

    • Lesson 6-1 Downloading Stock Footage

    • Lesson 6-2 Hitfilm Overview

    • Lesson 6-3 Editing Basics

    • Lesson 6-4 Jump Cuts & Cut it Up Challenge

    • Lesson 6: Class Notes

  • 8

    Lesson 7 – The YouTube Process

    • Lesson 7-1 Layers & Controls

    • Lesson 7-2 Transition & Speed

    • Lesson 7-3: Pyramid Set Up

    • Lesson 7-4 Add Some Spice Challenge

    • Lesson 7-5 Exporting Videos

    • Lesson 7-6 Exporting Frames

    • Lesson 7-7 Final Touches

    • Lesson 7: Class Notes

  • 9

    Lesson 8 - Creating a YouTube Channel

    • Lesson 8-1 Parent Information

    • Lesson 8-2 Your Youtube Channel

    • Lesson 8-3 Creating Gmail Account

    • Lesson 8-4 Creating a Youtube Channel

    • Lesson 8-5 Disable Comments

    • Lesson 8-6 Uploading Youtube Videos

    • Lesson 8: Class Notes

  • 10

    Lesson 9 - The YouTube Plan

    • Lesson 9-1 The Idea

    • Lesson 9-2 Planning

    • Lesson 9-3 Thumbnails Sketches, Titles & Description

    • Lesson 9: Class Notes

  • 11

    Lesson 10 – The YouTube Process

    • Lesson 10-1 Webcam Recording

    • Lesson 10-2 Animating Transforms

    • Lesson 10-3 Layer Masks

    • Lesson 10-4 Better Outlines

    • Lesson 10: Class Notes


  • Who is this course suited for?

    Suitable for ages 8+, and children that have some previous video editing experience.

  • Are there any prerequisites?

    This course requires some previous video editing experience.

  • What will we need for this course?

    For this course you will require a computer with the relevant software installed and internet access.

  • What support will we have in this course?

    During the duration of the course your child will have access to video tutorials, instruction sheets, one4 on one live chat feeds and email support from our expert team.

  • Can they move at their own speed or do they have to wait?

    This course is designed to suit the individual. Here they can work through the course at their own speed.

  • If we have any other questions who can we contact?

    For any question not answered above please contact us at:

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