.Coder College  { The world of tomorrow requires skills being developed today. }

Our mission is to provide others with the confidence and skills essential for their future through fun and exciting courses in Coding.

We Make Coding Fun

Our programs are designed by experienced educators with strong IT backgrounds. Learners are given the tools and confidence to continue developing their skills beyond the classroom. All learning outcomes are based around enjoyable, meaningful tasks to inspire learning, creativity and problem solving.
  • Designed for learning

    All tasks and challenges are designed by teachers with the best ways to engage learning and maximise retention.

  • Clear step-by-step instructions

    We use a mix of video tutorials, detailed instructions, downloadable worksheets and challenge tasks to teach the concepts covered.

  • One-on-one online support

    Through our online chat platform get exclusive assistance from our dedicated team

Doug, Adult Learner

With technology being such an essential part of all of our futures and embedding in to every aspect of our lives, coding is becoming a skill that we cannot avoid. Thank you for showing that even an old dog can learn new tricks.

Andrew, Parent

Fantastic course to get your children engaged and excited about coding. Thank you, Coder College, for providing such an essential skill for my child’s future.

Sophie, Parent

One of the best holiday activities my child has ever done. Not only were they excited and engaged they also came away with an amazing game to show what they achieved. We will be back next holidays.

Jeff, Parent

My child is achieving far above what we ever though possible. Thank you for offering a program that accelerates their learning based on their own ability and not just their age.